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Limonite after Pyrite

Limonite pseudomorph after Pyrite from Gachala, Cundinamarca Colombia.


This is a super cool example of limonite that psuedomorphed after the pyrite. First, a generation of pyrite formed the foundation of this shape, then chemical weathering transformed the crystals of pyrite into limonite by hydrating the molecules. This means, elementally, most or all of this specimen is now limonite, but the shape of the pyrite crystals, with their incredible, interlocking geometry remains.


We are in love with this and like to call it "The Tesseract."


H 4cm x L 4.3cm x D 3.6cm


Pyrite creates an excellent preventive shield from many forms of negative energy.



Limonite helps to support physical strength and virility. Limonite also offers protection from detrimental thoughts, impaired clarity, psychic attacks, and helps to improve intuitive accuracy.

Limonite after Pyrite

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