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Crystal grids are used to help focus and amplify energies. 

Never used one? Here's the basic run-down:


1. Decide on your intention. What is your focus?

2. Pick a layout, it can be a simple triangle or more complex.

3. Select the crystals you'll use. It helps to combine crystals with similar or complementary energies.

4. Activate your grid by stating your intention aloud.


Some people like to take it further and meditate with their grids. You can also keep it out and state your intention whenever you pass it. Whether you are actively meditating or using it as a reminder to declare your affirmations, crystal grids can be a beautiful tool for mindfulness.



This listing is for one, travel-friendly, mini crystal grid.

Made of wood and ready for your crystals!




*crystals not included.


Mini Crystal Grid

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